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Friday, August 21, 2009

Weight Loss Diary 20: JM's No More Trouble Zones

I have reserved it from the library, after trying JM's 30 Days Shred and doing quite a few research on JM, really like her a lot! With all the positive reviews on amazon, I really couldn't resist. Finally I ordered it -- can't wait to get it from library.

I received it on Wednesday, along with my Air Max Nike shoes. I did one full session on Thursday night -- loving it. Today, I did the 2nd time today while working from home -- love it more :) It really worths the money! Just 10 bulks you can get JM in your home... I would highly recommend JM's workout DVDs to whoever want to lose weight.

Now I am 100% confident I can get to my goal weight (120lbs), I know it is just a matter of time and I have been on the right track -- combining exercise and diet. I also try to control myself to be less paranoid about the daily weight measurement, and I did. In the past week, I still recorded the morning weight, but I wouldn't do EVERYTHING to get a lowest measurement (as I did before, such as weight several times to get the lowest, get the absolute lowest by getting nacked weight :p How silly I was). So today's morning weight reached 136. That's my end of month goal. There could be up and downs... so I will do my best to at least keep/maintain this, of course, break lower would be even better.

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