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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boston Frog Pond

It is a really nice summer weather. Today's "At-home-summer-camp" field trip is "Day out to Boston Frog Pond".

The trip started with an exciting bus tour :) Younger sister hadn't had a lot of chances to ride on a bus yet :D

After 2 buses and 1 train (subway), we got there before 11AM, the pond wasn't opened yet. So we picked a shaded place to settle down, where we would have our picnic.

When the pond opened, we were among the first to get into the pond.

Boston Frog Pond located in the famous beautiful Boston Common.
What a beautiful park.
It is in the city. Just like central park in NYC, but of course, in a much smaller scale.

The better part was to have a picnic in the park, facing the pond.. then the best part was kids found some new fun -- feeding the birds.

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