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Friday, August 14, 2009

Weight Loss Diary 18: Hot and sour soup -- biggest culprit

Party too early. I just reported reaching 137 lbs last Sunday, sadly to say, that was the lowest measure since then, in the last 5 days.

Monday - 138
Tuesday - 138
Wednesday - 137.5
Thursday - 139 (crying!!!)
Friday - 138.5

I certainly know the culprit for the 1.5 hike -- because I was craving for hot and sour soup and made a delicious big bowl of it. [keep crying...] I thought they are soup, just liquid. I AM WRONG!! Well, I learnt a lesson, an important one -- DO NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES.

This is the culprit -- why yummy food always end up on bad list? :(

Now I am paying the price for being craving for hot and sour. It wiped out my 3lbs loss joy of last week, resetting my end of month goal to be: 136 lbs.

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