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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weight Loss Diary 17: 137 lbs -- Fitting in old clothes

Even though I am mentally prepared for the fact that weight loss may slow down, I still wish I can reach my goal weight before next year -- I must be greedy :) I had a great week with wonderful results -- lost 3 lbs! 137 on the scale this morning.

The couple exercise routine changes must made the difference, I am not sure which one is the major one, but I guess I will stick with the new routine for a while:
a) Started Julian Michaels' 30 Days Shred -- I did 5 days level 1 until muscles not sore then moved to level 2
b) I changed the brisk walk to half jog, half walk -- the route I walk half is slop (jog), half incline (walk).

I feel the change, then I get the old clothes out again, some fit already! Like this one, though it was very loose before I had kids at that time... hehehe.. joy!


  1. Congrats. It requires a lot of discipline. I gotta start a diet too. My hubby is taking me to Cancun for our fifth anniversary in October. I gained probably 15 lbs since we got married!



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