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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crafting Tip: Gift box

The gift box I posted before is so well received, and someone has asked: how to make the cover and base *fit* together. I promised to take some picture to illustrate, sorry for being addictive to my weight loss and this belated tip :)
There are two options to make the cover a bit bigger than the base so that it can cover well:
1) use a bigger paper for the cover, smaller paper for the base. I don't like this option as measure is tedious
2) do the following as the pictures show:
For base - folder to center:

Cover -- leave some room:

Done -- perfectly fit:

1 comment:

  1. That's cool. I've since made my own by using my wins document by formatting up loaded photos of my cats.

    I made a 4.5 cm box with these measurements, 15.2 by 15.2 cms for the lid and for the bottom 15 by 15 cms.

    This is just enough room for a pair of small earrings or a necklace with a piece of tissue paper. Now I don't have to buy expensive boxes.

    I've made templates for all my boxes because I can then make them without using my computer or printer.

    I get given sometimes reused gift wrap which I used to use for my various butterfly punches etc for hand made cards, and now I use them for my boxes. I also use those free flower/plant magazines you get put through your door.




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