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Monday, August 17, 2009

Riding without training wheels

This is just an important milestone for my son that I couldn't miss blogging it -- At age of 5 years 6 months, he learnt riding a bike without trianing wheels.

I made an attempt to teach him earlier this year, I took the training wheels and ran with him, bening my body and holding on the seat. But after like less than 100 meters, I was out of breath. Then we both gave up and I put back his training wheels.

After 2.5 months work out, I feel I could run longer. I was right, I held on the bike seat, ran with my son for about 30 minutes -- I could tell he almost can balance himself, but not completely yet. It was 90 degree yesterday, hot and humid. I sweat, but motivated by burning calories and losing weight, I was quite enjoying it :D

My neightbor passed by, riding a bike with his daughter. He suggested us going to the playground, where has soft grass and kids don't worry to fall or get hurt. We went there, I gave him a big push -- That's it, off he went!

I am happy, I am pround, for both of my son and myself.

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