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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weight Loss Diary 16 -- Well broke 140

I remember when I was at 140 for 4-5 days and up and down around 140 -- then I thought 140 is my resistant line and probably my weight loss ended there. I couldn't accept that's the fact -- doing my best to break it. 138 this morning -- well broke 140, not a scale variation!

I started Julian Michaels 30 Days Shred. As the 1300+ reviews on amazon, JM is awesome. I was on level 1 for 5 days, now started level 2, muscle is not as sore as at the beginning, and I do feel I am stronger and more tuned. I will stick with it to see what's the result at the end of 30 days.

I really enjoy the healthy way to lose weight now. By doing more exercise, not only I am moving toward my goal weight, but also have a bunch of good benefits:
1. I feel I am very healthy -- thus so more confident and proud
2. I feel happier for making good progress
3. I sleep better
4. I feel more energentic
5. I am setting an good example to my kids -- being persistent, all hard goals can be achieved

Good things never come alone, I have another happy news. I am getting a Nike Air Max Moto+ 6 running sneaker as a gift from my old best friend Irene (ex-classmate of high school and college). She knows sneakers very well, and she recommended Air Max. So I picked the Moto+ 6.

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