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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crane Beach

(That's the only pic of me! If I reach my weigh loss goal, I would wear bikini and show off! :p )

Finally a very nice weekend, 90+, not humid or muggy. So the whole family set off to Crane Beach in Ipswich, 1 hour drive north to Boston. (Crane beach is one of the decent beaches in Mass, without going to the cape. Last time I went there was moons ago before we had kids) This would be the first time for the kids to go to a real beach -- they have been excited and got so ready for the trip!

On the way to the beach, we saw a very beautiful park (PATTON MEMORIAL PARK) and stopped by.

When we were 2 miles away from the beach, we saw a sign "crane beach FULL", and police officers directed traffic to the opposite direction to the beach!!! The kind police office told us we can go to Ipswich downtown and at the train station there would be shuttle bus to the beach. Huh? Okay, then we drive down the road, it is a small town, it is easy enough to tell the main street, leading to the downtown (not at all close to the boston downtown, it is just a few more stores). There were enough sign led us to the train station, as we parked the car, we saw a bus waiting there already. We boarded the bus (btw, kids enjoyed this much more than grown up), the bus were full, and we didn't get a seat. But it was ok, the ride wasn't too long.

When we arrived the beach, there were really a lot of cars and people -- a 100% beach day! Water temprature is 70 -- kind of cool. We could see more people enjoy the sunshine than the water :)

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