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Sunday, August 23, 2009

11th Anniversary -- Landing US

11 years ago today. I came to the US, starting the pursue of my dream. I went through most foreign students did, following the path of many typical immigrant. Finished degree->Got a job->Got Married->Bought a house->Have kids->Became PR(got green card)->....

Looking back the past 11 years, full of exciting and valuable experience such that I would never regret the decision of leaving the home country though I also lost a lot without family/friends around me in the foreign country.

1998 -- My first time to leave my parents, leaving the city in which I grew up, and this time, I also left my home country. My first time to take a airplane, it was a really long one trip... the moment I entered the gate, too rush to say good-bye to my parents, I realized I wouldn't see them in years, my tear poured out through the long trip. I still sob while recalling the touching moment.

1999 -- I finished my Master's Degree; Met my boyfriend, now husband; Got my first job, still the current job.

2000 -- Got married.

2001 -- Decided to pursue a MBA degree part-time. Got admission from Bentley College.

2002 -- Bought a house, feeling settled in the US.

2003 -- Decided to grow the family, feeling the increasing responsibility to be a MOM.

2004 -- Welcomed our son. First home visit, seeing my aging parents after 5 years.

2005 -- Became permenant resident of US (got green card). Completed MBA program.

2006 -- Welcomed our daughter.

2007 -- 2nd home visit.

2008 -- My career advanced, promoted to a management position

2009 -- Started blog, determined to lose weight and stay healthy...

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