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Monday, June 22, 2009

Weight Loss Diary 5 -- 2nd week, on right track

Another week flew by. I feel confident I am on the right track to reach my ultimate goal of my weight loss journey. In the past week, I walked 35 - 45 minutes every day. Did the fat burn pilates couple times (each 20 minutes).

After reaching the end-of-month goal in advanced, my lowest measurement was 147.5 on 6/20 morning. Then there came in the guilt, I went to buffet with the family on Saturday night! (That's part of the life of being a mother of two young kids, buffet has been our only choice when we dine out, simply because ordering dishes have limited chances for our picky kids to like). And I see how bad buffet is now -- next day measurement up at 148.5!!! So all Sunday, I felt so guilty and trying to find a long term solution to balance my need and my family's.

Even so , after these "ups and downs", my goal is proven to be achievable and my plan is realistic. End of this 2nd week landed at 148. Keep it up! Cheers...

Measure is daily, may have deviation, but the trend is there.

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