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Monday, June 15, 2009

Weight Loss Diary 3 - First week, good start

A lot of tempation in the past week -- a number of company conf events, where food and drinks were provided all day long. Being determined, I didn't eat a bite of any of these food!

Now I also pay a lot more attention to nutrition labels. And surprised how much calories I take everyday in the past and how I gain all the weight!!!!

One bowl of instance noodle -- 400 calories

1/2 peanut with shell -- 170 calories

2 chocolate cookies -- 220 calories

2in X 2in brownie -- 200 calories

1 can of coke -- 170 calories

1 smallest bag of chip -- 80 calories

And now I know I only burn 100 calories by brisk walking for ONE MILE. Then conclusion is sipmle, I am NOT going to eat any of these junk food ANYMORE!!!

Okay, what's after 1st week? I did fast walk every morning for 2.4 miles -- that's about 30-40 mimutes. I don't know how much calories I have everyday because a lot of Chinese food don't have label or hard to calculate, but one thing for sure is that I take at least 300-500 calories less than before by skipping snack and soft drinks. So, as a result, I achieved the first week's goal -- lost 1.5 - 2.5 pound!!! What a good start! Most importantly, I feel happier and more confident for my looooooooooong weight loss journey!


  1. Good for you! You have a lot of self control to skip over all that yummy free "corporate food".

  2. Good job on the self control! keep up the hard work! Cheers Erin



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