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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Simple dish: Hot green pepper with Italian sweet sausage

Okay, although I am on diet for my weight loss resolution. I still love to cook for the family. Here is another simple dish for busy working mom.

All you need:
1) Cooking oil
2) Italian sweet sausage (Bought from Costco)
3) Hot green pepper (Really hot, from local farm)

Prepare tip:
Don't need to de-freeze the sausage completely, I just defroze it in microwave for 20 seconds, it would be a lot easier to cut in pieces when it is still hard.

Heat wok, add cooking oil (now I intentially put less oil), add sausage, cook until brown, add green pepper. You don't really need any more seasonings because sausage has enough. Cook until pepper is tender. Done.

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