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Monday, July 13, 2009

Weight Loss Diary 10: 5th week -- becoming a routine

This morning's measure was 144.5, lowest in the past week was 143.5. Comparing to last week's 146.5, that's another 2 pounds -- it is still it the appropriate range of loss rate. I am VERY satisfied.

I feel more and more confident that I am on the right track and doing the right thing now. Exercise now becomes my routine, part of my life now; So far, I haven't starved myself for the sake of weight loss; exercising and diet are following healthy principle.

There was another episode in the library. Several weeks ago I found a few weight loss/fat burn DVDs and brought to teh circulation desk to check out, the lady there is an asian woman, in her 50's. She told me: These DVDs are useless, do you kow what's most effective to lose weight? I widened my eyes and shaked my head. She continued: best way is to walk, walk for an hour everyday after dinner, after a few weeks, I guarantee all your pants are loosened! I thanked her and checked out those DVDs. Somehow what she said kept echoing in my mind, as a result, I didn't really watch any of those DVDs. Instead, I am more firmly believe I should just keep walking as the lady said. Last friday, when I went to the library to pick up another book that I reserved, it happened to be her again to do my check-out. I smiled to her and thanked her again to her advice and told her I returned all those DVDs and started following her advice. She was very happy to have a follower, then started telling me she used to be at 172 lbs, and now 120 lbs, after walking (well, for many years), she even moved to the open space behind the circulation desk and did a brief cat walk to show me how slim she is now.. hahaha.. she also told me her name and suggested we exchange progress in the future. :) What a nice lady. Most importantly, another person confirms walking is a good strategy and exercise to lose weight.

Let me walk away the extra pounds and recover my confidence :)

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  1. 太鼓舞人心了!!祝贺你!! 早上去走步了,但是只走了30分钟, 太热了,希望自己能坚持。。。。



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