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Monday, July 27, 2009

Project Time, again!

Haven't done "project" for a while, kids requested for "project time". And they all know all my projects are about making necklace, earings, beading, and gift wraps.

Son: Let's make a gift, project time, mama!
Me: Who do we make a gift for?
Son: How about Krystina? (our neighbour)
Me: Mama has made her gift before, and I haven't bought new beads to make new design yet.
Son: How about Megan? (his friend, actually, his "girl friend")
Me: Megan is too young to have those gift.
Son: How about Emily's mom? (his classmate's mom, and my friend too)
Me: Why do you want to give her a gift?
Son: Because Emily is my friend.
Me: Umm.... (I had wanted to make some earings for her anyway) good idea. Let's do it.
Son: Yay! project time! And I will bring to school tomorrow and give it to Emily to tell her give it to her mom.

See those little hands? They like the gift better than I do :)

Kids picked the paper wrap.


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