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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weight Loss Diary 24: Back on Track, Slowly

The 2+ weeks vacation with kids at home is short -- having a lot of fun with kids everyday, playing, cooking, eating :) I stayed at 136 between 8/22 - 9/4 - 2 FULL weeks. Finally, yesterday and today both "stable" at 135.5. Though it is not as much as my 1 pound a week goal, glad to get back to the losing trend. 1 pound a week goal could be agressive, espcially for the last 15 lbs. Stepping back, even half pound a week, that's still 26 pounds a year :) So, I am happy. Most important is to do my best, be happy.

Still have a few size 4 clothes can be quite comfortably fit in. But I keep them out of the closet already. I hope to be able to fit in them by my end of Oct Vegas trip. Say bye to 130 in 7 weeks from now?

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