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Sunday, May 24, 2009

gift box and gift bag

It's memorial day long weekend. Thought about going to NYC for a weekend trip, or storyland. But a lot of friends suggested cancel any trip because of the Swing Flu -- hanging around home is best relaxing way to spend the long weekend.

So time for some crafting work. I googled several flower wallpaper images, and printed them in color. Or you can always buy a couple cardstock from your local craft store. If you really want to save some $$, colorful magazine pages will do too. :)

Gift box:

Reference this video:

Gift bag:

This gift bag is really very easy to do, you can figure it out by reverse engineering it :). Or just fold the paper like following:


  1. WOW your very talented. I really love the box you made and is another good way to recycle your cards.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Your blog is very interesting by the way.




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