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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fried Broad Beans / Fava Beans

I don't know what this is called in English, by searching the web, I found some people call this "Fava Beans", some call this "Broad Bean". Whatever it is called, Chinese is "蚕豆", as we all know :)

Some people like to fry with skins, I just don't like that way.

1. Soaked half pound of Fava Beans in water overnight

2. Peel off skins
3. Boil about 1.5 minutes in boiling water (be careful not to over cooked, otherwise too soft and smashed)
4. pick up and let cool
5. cool pan, put oil and cooked beans into the pan, make sure oil over beans
6. turn on fire, let it fry :) until you hear "pi li pa la" :)
7. A little stirring, until you can feel the beans are hard, crisp sound with collision
8. oil filter, on the plate, let cool and sprinkle salt

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