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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First time experience: making Zong Zi

It is my 11th Dragon Boat Festival in the US. The tradition is to eat zongzi for this festival. Needless to say, without making a trip to Chinatown, you just can't find zongzi in US stores/resaturants. The more I think about this, the more I miss it, the more I feel homesick.

After doing enough research, yes, I said research, that's googling how to make zongzi, watching hundreds of youtube vedios. I decided to DIY.

  • Soak baboom leaves overnight (you can buy from Chinese stores, 2.89 a bag, over 100 pieces)
  • Soak sweet rice (long grain sticky rice) overnight
  • Soak dried mushroom overnight
  • Soak mung bean overnight
  • Soak peanut overnight
  • Cut pork in cube or any size of your choice, I put all seasonings I have and keep fridge overnight :)
  • (Optional) some people use salty egg yolk (I don't have that)
First time to make, I don't know how much of each ingredient is enough, purely copmletely based on my 6th sense.

Next day:

Start wrapping everying into baboon leaves. There are many many approaches to wrap a zongzi, vedios can be found on youtube. Just pick one you feel most comfortable. For me, this one seems simple. Just use 2 pieces of leaves for one zong zi, and shape looks professional :P There are 4 angles.

Take a closer look:
See bunch of them:
After all the wrapping, boil them thoroughly. I've heard they need 3-4 hours of boiling. Because I use high pressure cooker, I set it to one hour low pressure. And they came out perfectly. Make sure all zongzi are under water.

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